Member Survey

July 2022



Member based organisations have a critical need for conducting member surveys to best assess the satisfaction levels and opinions of direction, from the member base of the club, as a whole.

A club which forms direction and makes corrections from the opinions of those who complain, exposes itself to rapid and regular changes of direction based on only a small number of points of view, while not taking into account those who choose to remain silent who can be either positive or negative regarding matters.

Member surveys are valuable for a number of reasons; they allow the Board and Management to collect important feedback from members, make improvements (thus boosting engagement and retention), and at the most basic level, show members that the club genuinely cares about their thoughts and enjoyment.

This survey was written with the express intent of obtaining member opinions of direction, and satisfaction levels, and was structured so that these could be quantifiable.

The survey was sent to all adult playing members only, as it was specifically targeted at the playing membership.

A future survey could be targeted at the social aspects of the club specifically but at this stage the playing aspects were considered more important.

The Survey

The survey was sent to 773 adult playing members and we received 418 responses.

Member surveys traditionally attract a response rate of 20-30% so this result is outstanding and can be regarded as a fair cross section of member opinions in general.

The survey was conducted using the platform of Survey Monkey, which was set up to allow only one response per survey sent.

A printed version of the survey is available from the office, if any member would like one.

This meant that members who used one email address for more than one person (such as partners) were only able to complete the survey once. To work around this we provided a survey link to enable those members to complete the survey without requiring an email address. To view the survey on this page please use a desktop or laptop

The Survey Responses

Not all respondents answered all questions so there will be discrepancies between the numbers from question to question and there is no explanation for this.

This is a difficult response group to measure and there is a great deal of relativity in what members see as value for money, given individual financial situations.

There is a marked difference in the opinion of food and beverage value for money, which may be linked to the poor playing member usage of the bistro as evidenced in Question 5.

The opinions expressed in the survey results and analysis of responses are those of the individual respondents and are for purely information purposes regarding the opinions of the membership of The Vines Golf Club of Reynella.

No discussion or correspondence will be entered into regarding the results and the anonymity of the respondents will be protected by the club.

The Vines Golf Club of Reynella reserves the right to use or not to use this information when considering future decisions about the operations or future direction of the club.

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